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Hair Growth Affects Us All, Some More Than Others

At Electrolysis Center Laser Hair Removal, our professional electrologists and laser technicians have seen it all. Our professionals have years of experience safely eradicating hair, no matter your gender or hair growth concerns. The time to rebuild your confidence is now.


Say goodbye for good to unwanted body hair! Electrolysis is the only FDA-approved permanent hair removal treatment. This treatment doesn’t discriminate and is perfect for removing unwanted hair regardless of hair color, type, or location on the body.

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Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal is a non-invasive procedure that is used to remove larger areas of hair growth from any part of the body, such as your bikini area, legs, and face. The results of our laser hair removal treatment will significantly slow down future growth.

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Hair Removal before & after on persons jaw line Hair Removal before & after on persons armpit Hair Removal before & after around persons mouth & face
Hair Removal before & after on persons jaw line & mouth Chin Neck Hair Removal before & after on persons mouth & face
Hair Removal before & after on persons jaw line & mouth Chin Neck Hair Removal before & after on persons mouth & face

Permanent Hair Removal
with Electrolysis & Laser Treatment

Is your unwanted hair weighing heavily on your mind? We have solutions to lighten the burden and raise your confidence. Electrolysis Center Laser Hair Removal has provided effective hair removal in the greater San Antonio area through the most advanced methods since 1982. Have the freedom to express yourself like never before. Regain your confidence as you take steps to improve yourself and your social life & visit us today!

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In sixty seconds, you can get preapproved for monthly payments without having your credit score impacted. After approval you will get a payment plan that works for you with payment plans anywhere from three to twenty-four months.

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See What Our Clients Are Saying

Gregory L.

If you need permanent hair removal, make sure you give the Electrolysis Center a try. Whether it's electrolysis or laser, they can prepare a long-term plan to meet your needs and time frame. Their equipment is state of the art and their facilities are clean and friendly. All of the electrolysis technicians have years of experience and do their best to make sure their customers are comfortable. Highly recommended!

Sarah H.

All I can say is that it works, it helped me be more confident in my skin and I am blessed to be a part of the Electrolysis Family - they treat you as a part of their family! The facility is always so clean and this is the only actual method for permanent hair removal! You have got to check them out!

Dedra H.

The whole staff is amazing and super professional. Have and will continue to come here. Recommend to any and everyone.

Lisa D.

Exceptional service and perfect experience. Ashlee and the team informed me on how and what service was going to be as well as the process to get desired results.

Reyna L.

The session was quick and highly efficient, the atmosphere was serene and a calming, especially for a first time laser hair removal customer. The staff are very knowledgeable and professional and their organization and system to remind customers of appointments is very streamlined! 10/10 would recommend.

Patricia K.

I cannot thank the staff enough for the new confidence in myself and such wonderful service. The high-quality service and staff will keep me coming back. I would recommend this place to family and friends. Don’t wait and book your appointment today! No regrets :)

Meredith P.

The progress I have already seen with this service is amazing and life-changing, giving me newfound confidence. I can see significantly less hair growth from week to week and am so pleased with my experience. I had all but given up on the unwanted hair I had until I found the Electrolysis center. The staff is very caring, and professional and I can’t say enough positive things about the entire business. The price is very reasonable and most of all the progress I see in the hair removal is more than worth every cent and time spent.

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