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Perfect Universal City Facial Hair Removal Services

Unwanted facial hair can harm a woman’s self-esteem. This often occurs when a woman has a hormonal disorder, such as PCOS, where the common side effect is excessive hair growth. If you are in need of treatment, call our office today to use our Universal City facial hair removal services.

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Facial Hair Removal for Women with PCOS

Short for Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, PCOS is a serious hormonal condition that affects women in America. One of the common symptoms is hair growing on the face, arms, extended bikini line, abs trail, and on the chest. If not addressed, this excessive hair growth can hurt a woman’s confidence.

Through our laser and electrolysis treatments, we can permanently remove all of your unwanted hair after several sessions. The number of sessions needed will vary from person to person, especially for women who are suffering from PCOS.

If you have PCOS, we will give you a uniquely tailored treatment plan that will give you the best results.

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Speak To Our Electrologists To Begin!

There is no safer and more effective treatment in the country. Contact the Electrolysis Center to get a FREE consultation and to enjoy the best results from our Universal City facial hair removal services.

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