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Your Best San Antonio Hair Removal Alternatives

It can be hard to deal with unwanted body hair, more so if your skin is sensitive or can be easily irritated. You may not even like the feeling of tweezing each hair or waxing a part of your body. If so, Electrolysis Center offers excellent San Antonio hair removal services.

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Our San Antonio Hair Removal Services

Our San Antonio hair removal services are very popular options for people who have a lot of unwanted hair. With the help of the latest laser systems, like the Lumenis LightSheer QUATTRO, we can remove all kinds of unwanted body hair on all skin types and skin tones. We also use electrolysis, a method that relies on electrical currents to destroy a hair’s growth cells in the follicles.

We typically deliver our treatments over several sessions to ensure the hair growth cells are disrupted so future growth is prevented. Patients will need anywhere from 8 to 12 sessions of laser treatments when opting for electrolysis. This number will vary according to certain factors.

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Our hair removal treatments are safe and efficient for everyone who wants to remove unwanted body or facial hair. Schedule a consultation with our Electrologist today to discuss your San Antonio hair removal needs.

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