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Universal City Electrolysis

Unwanted hair growth can make it difficult to be confident in your body. But do not think that using bad-smelling hair removal creams or weekly shaving are the only solutions.

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How Does Electrolysis Work?

Our Universal City electrolysis service uses a revolutionary machine, the Instantron SPECTRUM ELITE. Every treatment starts with an electrologist putting small thin probes into the base of any offending hair follicles.

The electrologist will then send an electrical current from the machine and into your hair follicles through these probes. This current will burn out the blood supply of these follicles. You will feel a slight tingling, but otherwise the treatment is painless.

Electrolysis will work on any part of your body, including your face, abdomen, back, underarms, bikini lines, areola, and legs. We offer numbing cream for those who have delicate skin.

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