Hair Removal for All Hair Types

Dealing with unwanted body hair can be a pain, especially if you have sensitive skin, easily irritated skin, or you don’t enjoy the sensation of waxing or tweezing. Even more difficult is removing hair from hard-to-reach areas of the body, such as the back. Fortunately, Electrolysis Center in Universal City, TX offers hair removal in San Antonio and neighboring cities for hair types such as light hair, dark hair, and dense hair.

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Hair Removal in San Antonio

Treatments for the removal of unwanted body and facial hair are an increasingly popular treatment option for many patients across the nation. These treatments work by using laser systems such as the Lumenis LightSheer QUATTRO, a unique system with customizable wavelengths that can treat all skin types and skin tones. Patients can also use electrolysis, which works by using an electric current to permanently prevent hair growth by destroying growth cells in hair follicles.

These treatments are typically delivered in several initial rounds to disrupt the growth of hair and damage hair follicles to prevent future growth. It’s common for patients to need between six and 10 treatments to reduce or eliminate hair growth on the body with laser treatments; patients usually require eight to 12 electrolysis treatments. Factors that may determine how many treatments you will need to include:

Hair Density

The density of your hair refers to how much hair grows on any part of your body based on the number of active follicles in a square inch. People who have very dense hair typically have many active follicles, which means there is more hair that needs to be treated. Because there are more hair follicles to treat, it’s common for people with dense hair or thick hair to require more treatments so that each hair follicle is adequately treated for optimal results.

Treatment Location

Sometimes the location of the unwanted hair can also affect how many treatments you will need. For delicate areas, such as the face or bikini line, your treatments may use a gentler energy setting to be less irritating for the skin, so your treatment process may need additional treatments. While treating areas such as the chest or back can usually be done every eight to ten weeks, treatments for the face or other delicate areas may be spaced four to six weeks apart to be gentler on the skin.

Hair Color

The color of your hair can also affect how many treatments you will need. Modern treatments to remove hair are much more effective than earlier systems, which could only be used to treat dark hair on light skin. These days, systems like Lumenis LightSheer QUATTRO are sophisticated enough to treat all hair colors. That said, some hair colors may require additional treatments, such as those who have gray, very blond, or red hair.

Electrolysis hair removal is also commonly used on all tones of hair and skin. Importantly, electrolysis treatments may be easier to use on hair with lighter pigments, as well as on those who have darker skin tones. This is because electrolysis systems rely more on the length of a hair follicle rather than the color of the hair shaft. As long as the hair is at least 1/8th inch above the surface of the skin, electrolysis technology will be able to target the hair follicle.

What Does Hair Removal for Hair Types Mean?

A system that can remove all hair types means the system can be used on any pigment of hair and any skin tone. Systems like Lumenis LightSheer QUATTRO work by using advanced technology that will detect pigments that are darker than the surrounding skin tone, while electrolysis systems identify and target active follicles with visible hair growth.

Preparing for Treatment

It’s important to prepare for these treatments correctly so you can get the most out of each treatment. For treatments to remove unwanted hair on the face or body, you should avoid any activity that will remove hair at the root, such as threading, tweezing, or waxing for at least two to three weeks. Before your treatment, you can shave the desired treatment area about 24 to 48 hours before your appointment.

You should avoid direct sunlight and tanning beds for two weeks before your treatment, as well as other laser treatments, chemical peels, or irritating skin care products like retinoids. Following these directions will ensure your skin is in good condition on the day of your treatment.

Recovery After Treatment

After your treatment, you should continue to avoid sunlight, self-tanning products, and tanning beds for up to two weeks. Wear SPF 30 or greater when you are outside during the day. You should avoid hot water, scrubbing or exfoliating the skin, and harsh cleansers for at least 24 hours after your treatment. In the week after your appointment, you can gently exfoliate your skin to encourage faster hair shedding. Please use gentle formula lotions and skincare products after your treatment.

Who Are Good Candidates?

Both laser treatments and electrolysis are appropriate for all hair types and skin types, so most people are considered good candidates. To qualify for a hair removal treatment, you should be sure your skin is healthy enough for the procedure. This means if you have an active skin condition like psoriasis, eczema, cold sores, sunburns, or other skin irritation on the day of your treatment, you will need to reschedule your appointment.

If you have a history of keloid scarring or vitiligo, you may not be a good candidate for these treatments. Women who are currently pregnant may also not be qualified for this treatment. But in general, you will be considered a good candidate if you want to reduce the amount of time you spend shaving, grow thinner or less dense hair, and also avoid skin irritation from shaving, plucking, and waxing.

Remove Unwanted Hair

Modern treatments to remove hair can be used to eliminate all types and tones of unwanted hair. Whether you’re treating the face or the body and whether your hair is naturally dark or light, treatments such as the Lumenis LightSheer QUATTRO or electrolysis can effectively remove hair and reduce hair growth. The results of laser treatments can last for 12 months or longer, while the results of electrolysis can permanently remove unwanted hair.

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You’re in Good Hands

There is no safer or more efficient business to have electrolysis and hair removal performed by than Electrolysis Center Laser Hair Removal. Schedule your consultation today for hair removal in San Antonio.

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