Hair Removal for the Face (Ingrown Hair Removal, PCOS)

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) is a hormonal disorder in women with one of the side effects being excessive hair growth on the face and body. This condition is very serious and affects many women in the U.S. A lot of the women we see in our office do suffer from PCOS and other hormonal imbalances. We are well versed in how to care for your excess hair growth with electrolysis and laser hair removal. This is nothing to be embarrassed about and if you are self-conscious about your hair growth, give us a call here and we will set you up with a treatment plan suited for your needs.

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PCOS Hair Removal for Women

If you have PCOS, you may feel self-conscious about having excess hair on your face and body. Common places on the female anatomy are excess growth on the face, extended bikini line, more hair on arms, legs, and the ab trail, and possibly hair on the chest. Electrolysis and laser hair removal are great options if you are looking for a permanent solution. Treatments can also help with ingrown hairs.

Facial Hair Removal in San Antonio: What Are Your Options?

Many people think of hair-free legs, arms, and bikini areas when it comes to laser hair removal and electrolysis. If you are looking for facial hair removal in San Antonio, these two treatments are ideal and completely safe. Women with PCOS rely on these hair removal treatments to reduce and eliminate unwanted hair.

If you have facial hair, especially on the upper lip, chin, and cheeks, you can get permanent hair removal with our revolutionary treatments. Get ready to say goodbye to regular waxing, shaving, and plucking–you can achieve hair-free skin with our innovative treatments!

Laser Hair Removal

Women with PCOS get laser hair removal to reduce their unwanted hair growth. With a series of laser treatments, excess hair growth can be significantly minimized. We will personalize your treatment plan according to your unique needs and preferences, so you can get the best results and hair removal experience.

Laser hair removal is a good option for candidates with light skin and pigmented hair. To know whether laser hair removal is right for you, you can schedule a consultation with our team. We will examine your skin and hair type to know whether this treatment is right for you.

Are the Results Permanent?

The results of the laser treatment can vary per person. Therefore, the number of treatments you’ll need to achieve reduced hair growth will be unique to you. Because hormones can affect hair growth, women with PCOS may also need a customized treatment plan to achieve ideal results. But when compared to waxing and shaving, laser treatments offer a more permanent solution to unwanted hair removal.


Electrolysis is the FDA-approved treatment for permanently removing unwanted hair. Thousands of women suffering from PCOS have turned to this treatment when it comes to hair removal for the face. Because electrolysis offers permanent results, there’s no need to worry about getting maintenance treatments once you’ve completed your treatment plan. Furthermore, this treatment works well on all skin types and colors.

To perform this treatment, we insert a hair-sized probe into your hair follicle. The probe generates a minimal amount of electricity, which destroys your hair follicle. We will then use a pair of tweezers to glide individual hairs out of the follicle once treated.

What Are Your Options for Ingrown Hair Removal?

Do you have ingrown hairs that grow sideways or curl back? Men and women with curly and coarse hair often get ingrown hairs. These problem hairs can irritate the skin and produce raised bumps. Painful sores can also be caused by ingrown hair. If you want to get relief from ingrown hairs and eliminate this problem, you can get our innovative treatments for ingrown hair removal.

Pulling hairs from the root of the follicle IE (tweezing and waxing) makes the skin thicker and the hairs weaker that cannot break through the skin which is another cause of ingrown hairs.


By applying small electrical currents into the hair follicle, we can get rid of your problematic ingrown hairs and restore the healthy state of your skin. This treatment won’t irritate your skin, unlike manual hair removal methods such as waxing and shaving. And regardless of your skin and hair type, you can get this treatment to achieve visible results.

Laser Hair Removal

Another highly effective treatment for ingrown hair removal is laser therapy. Without the use of needles, this treatment can address the root cause of ingrown hairs. It uses targeted laser energy to destroy hair follicles that produce ingrown hair. Once the hair follicle is damaged, your ingrown hair won’t grow back the same way.

How To Prepare for Your Hair Removal Session

Before you visit us for your treatment session, we will provide you with tips and advice on how to prepare for your treatment. Generally, we will advise you to avoid direct sun exposure or tanning before your treatment. You’ll also need to avoid removing any hairs by plucking, waxing, or tweezing for about a week or more before your treatment.

On the day of your visit, avoid taking any medication or stimulants that may affect how your body responds to the treatment.

How To Care for Your Skin After Hair Removal

To get the best results from your hair removal treatment, it’s important to take good care of your skin. This includes staying out of the sun and wearing sunscreen if you need to go outdoors. You must also keep the area makeup-free and use gentle soaps to wash or clean the treated area.

Look and Feel Your Best

There’s no reason to suffer in silence if you have painful ingrown hairs or excessive hair growth that makes you feel less feminine. We’re here to offer you the latest innovations and professional care when it comes to getting rid of pesky hair. If you are looking for facial hair removal in San Antonio, Electrolysis Center is your top choice for achieving long-lasting and impressive results!

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Strut Your Stuff!

There is no safer or more efficient business to have electrolysis and hair removal performed by than Electrolysis Center Laser Hair Removal.

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