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Tattoos and Our Electrolysis Hair Removal Service

Do you have unwanted hair on your tattoos? If so, you might have thought about getting permanent hair removal to highlight your unique body art and look your best. Here at Electrolysis Center in Universal City, TX, we perform permanent hair removal on tattoos. Electrolysis is the best hair removal treatment if you want to safely remove unwanted hair on your body art.

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Hair Removal on Tattoos: What You Need To Know

Electrolysis is an FDA-approved treatment for permanent hair removal, and it’s also the best option for hair removal on tattoos. Electrolysis is a safe alternative to laser therapy.

Electrolysis uses a minimal amount of electricity to destroy hair follicles. The treatment is highly precise, and it doesn’t cause any damage to your tattoos. During your treatment, we insert a hair-sized probe into your hair follicle opening, so we can precisely deliver the correct amount of current into the hair follicle. You can rest assured that we are removing your unwanted hair without causing damage to your beautiful tattoos.

Why Can’t Laser Hair Removal Be Performed on Skin With Tattoos?

Laser hair removal is one way to significantly reduce unwanted hair growth. However, it is not the best choice for everyone. Hair removal using laser treatment works best on dark, thick hair, and lighter skin. If you have very dark skin or tattoos, laser hair removal can cause your beautiful tattoos to fade.

Laser treatment for removing unwanted hair works by emitting strong pulses of light at a rapid rate. The energy is absorbed by the pigment in the hair shaft, causing hair follicles to become damaged. However, the pigment in tattoo ink also absorbs laser energy. If you get laser hair removal on tattoos, your body art will lose most of its color and the lines will blur and possibly bubble causing scarring.

What Is the Best Hair Removal Treatment for People With Tattoos?

Electrolysis is the best solution for permanently removing problem hairs. This treatment works well on all skin and hair types, and it’s also a safe treatment option for people with tattoos. If you’ve got a tattoo on an area where you need unwanted hair removed, it’s important to get a hair removal treatment that won’t damage the art on your skin.

Electrolysis for Hair Removal on Tattoos

We’ve worked with many people who need safe hair removal on tattoos. Electrolysis doesn’t use lasers or other harsh processes that can reach the tattoo ink beneath your skin. Permanent hair removal by electrolysis is performed by applying a minimal amount of electrical current that destroys hair follicles. Because the electricity is delivered through a small probe, the current goes into each hair follicle and destroys the root. It does not interfere with the ink on your skin.

The probes used here at the Electrolysis Center are insulated probes which means heat is only coming from the tip and not heating the entire shaft of the probe causing harm to your ink.

It’s a Safe Treatment That Offers Permanent Results

Manual methods of hair removal, such as tweezing, shaving, and waxing, offer temporary results, and yet they consume so much time, money, and effort. Are you tired of stocking up on shaving creams, razors, and depilatories only to see your unwanted hairs growing back? We offer a permanent hair removal solution that you can get so that you’ll never bother to shave or wax again. And there’s no need to worry if you need hair removed on tattooed skin.

Having tattoos will not make it impossible for you to achieve hair-free, smooth skin. Nevertheless, it’s important to make sure that you’re getting the right hair removal treatment that will not damage your body art. When you consult with us for a permanent hair removal solution, we will customize your treatment plan according to your needs and preferences. We can safely and permanently remove unwanted hair on any part of your body.

What To Consider Before Getting This Treatment

Are you ready to eliminate unwanted hair for good? The first step is to schedule a consultation with our team for hair removal on tattoos. Electrolysis is a personalized treatment that we will customize according to your skin type. You may need a series of treatments to permanently remove hair on your tattoos. And before you visit us for your session, we will give you a few reminders on how you’ll need to prepare for the treatment.

Before coming in, you should avoid direct sun exposure or tanning of any nature. And for us to efficiently perform your treatment, you should refrain from manually removing hair a few weeks beforehand. A little bit of hair growth helps us find the right angle for our probes and helps us glide the hairs out of the follicle. Furthermore, you should prevent taking any medication, such as ibuprofen and aspirin, which can affect how your body responds to the treatment. Alcohol and caffeine may also increase your sensitivity, so they must also be avoided.

Safely Remove Unwanted Hair With the Help of Trusted Experts

If you want to safely remove unwanted hair on your tattoos, it’s essential to work with experts who care about preserving your body art. With our decades of experience in hair removal, you can rest assured that your precious tattoos won’t be harmed during your treatment session. Are you ready to achieve hair-free skin and preserve your beautiful body art? At Electrolysis Center in Universal City, TX we can address all your hair removal needs!

You’re in Good Hands

There is no safer or more efficient company for your electrolysis hair removal service. Remove hair on your tattoos safely with Electrolysis Center Laser Hair Removal.

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