Permanent hair removal for all hair colors and skin tones!

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Is Electrolysis Right for Me?

If you didn't already know, electrolysis is the only method of hair removal classified as permanent by the FDA. It is safe and effective for all skin types, hair types, skin colors, hair colors, and almost all areas on the body. Because of this, it allows you to live free from unwanted hair forever. If you're a man, woman, or non-binary and are looking to say goodbye to the hair on your legs, underarms, face, bikini area, or entire body, Electrolysis Laser Hair Removal services has you covered.

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What to Expect During Your Session

Following your consultation, our certified electrologist will use our state of the art Instantron's SPECTRUM ELITE machine. They will then apply a minimal amount of electricity to the base of any remaining hair follicles. This process destroys the hair growth tissue, permanently eliminating the ability of your hair follicle to regenerate.

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How to Achieve the Best Results

Always consult your physician first if you have any health conditions that impact your skin, heart, blood, or hair growth.


To get the most out of your treatment(s), our recommendation is to follow these steps before your appointment and in-between appointments:

  • Avoid tweezing or waxing
  • Refrain from shaving before your treatment
  • Avoid caffeine on the day of your treatment
  • Stay hydrated the day before and day of your treatment


To ensure the best experience possible, follow our aftercare recommendations for a full 24-hours.

  • Avoid applying makeup to the treated area
  • Keep your hands clean and avoid touching the treated area
  • Avoid harsh soaps or chemicals on the area that’s been treated
  • When cleaning the area, use alcohol-free witch hazel and after treatment gel
  • Apply a cool compress to the treated area for relief from redness or discomfort

After 24 hours have passed, be sure to keep the treated area clean and avoid sun exposure for long periods of time.

You Couldn’t be Safer

Electrolysis is a safe and effective hair removal method; however, should you have any questions or concerns before or after treatment, please contact us.

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