Women’s Hair Removal

When you no longer want to deal with shaving, waxing, or tweezing, it’s nice to know that there are other more permanent options for women’s hair removal, including electrolysis for women and laser hair removal. Did you know that you might be able to achieve the best results by combining these two treatments? At Electrolysis Center in Universal City, TX we offer these two solutions on their own and in combination. So, how do they work and how can they be used together?

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What Are Laser Hair Removal and Electrolysis for Women?

When it comes to women’s hair removal, these two treatments are among the best ways to end the cycle of waxing and shaving. With just a few appointments, you can be hair-free wherever you want.

Both of these treatments are administered in a series of appointments that are scheduled every few weeks, according to the hair growth cycles. Spacing them out ensures that each individual hair gets treated when it is in the active growth phase. Each is a proven method of eliminating unwanted hair without damaging the surrounding tissue.

Electrolysis for Women

During this treatment, a trained electrologist applies a small amount of electricity to each hair using an FDA-approved device. The process targets the hair follicles, which are responsible for new growth. After they have been treated, the follicles are unable to produce more hair, leaving you with smooth skin.

This approach is the only method that gets rid of hair permanently. When it is applied to the hair follicle, the electric current targets the growth cells within the hair, effectively destroying them. For most people, full results can be achieved within about 15 sessions.

Laser Hair Removal

With this treatment, light waves are applied to the hair follicles instead of electricity. One of the most popular types of lasers is the Lumenis LightSheer QUATTRO, which is able to treat people of every skin type by offering a variety of wavelengths. The waves are attracted to the dark pigment in the hair, where they heat up and destroy the follicle.

While not as permanent as electrolysis, laser treatments can significantly reduce the rate at which your hair grows. By scheduling a few touch-up appointments each year, you can use this method to experience smoother skin all the time. The cost is comparable to electrolysis because while each individual appointment is priced a bit higher, you only need about 7 sessions to get full results.

A Winning Combination

One of the best things about these two treatments is that you don’t need to choose one or the other. A lot of people get their best results by combining them. In some cases, it might even be necessary to do both to get the look you want.

One of the most common ways to combine them is by alternating one and then the other. Another approach is to do a full series of laser hair removal treatments to address large patches of hair followed by a few electrolysis sessions to do the fine-tuning.

What Are the Benefits of Electrolysis for Women and Laser Hair Removal?

These women’s hair removal treatments are becoming more and more popular for many reasons, including saving time and reducing skin irritation. Whether you are looking for facial hair removal for women or full body hair removal we may be right for you. Here are some of the benefits to consider:

The Results Last Longer

Shaving and waxing need to be repeated time and time again. If you shave, that could mean repeating the process every few days. For people who wax, it means scheduling a painful appointment every few weeks. Our professional hair laser treatments for hair are a much more lasting way to solve the problem.

They Are Less Painful

We all know that waxing is no fun. Instead of repeatedly ripping hairs out by their roots, our treatments target the follicle. They eliminate unwanted hair with minimal discomfort.

They Cause Less Irritation to Your Skin

Waxing can irritate or burn your skin. Shaving can be even worse. When you shave, the hairs are cut off at awkward angles. Soon after, they begin to poke through your skin, which can cause rashes and ingrown hairs. Plus, most people who shave end up cutting themselves from time to time. We can treat the hairs with a few easy appointments that will eliminate the need to resort to solutions that are not healthy for your skin.

You Will Be Able To Wear What You Want Anytime

One of the biggest advantages of our treatments is the fact that they will remove stubble anxiety from your life. You can look forward to skin that stays smooth all the time. There is no reason to forgo a pair of shorts or another article of clothing because you have unwanted hair.

They Are Very Safe

Both of our treatments are completely safe. They have full FDA approval and have been enjoyed by thousands of people. Their track record for effectiveness and safety makes them a great choice for getting rid of unwanted hair.

The Appointments Are Fast

For both of our options, appointment times vary depending on the size of the area you would like to treat. However, they are generally considered pretty quick. You can expect to be done in less than an hour. Sometimes, one session takes as little as 15 minutes. That’s a lot less time than you would spend waxing or shaving throughout a lifetime.

You Get Full Results Within a Few Sessions

To ensure thoroughness, we do these treatments throughout several sessions. That’s because your hair grows in different cycles. We want to treat only the hairs that are in the active growth stage. At any given time, some of your hairs are active and some are dormant. The time in between sessions allows the dormant hairs to grow out.

The number of sessions you need will vary depending on what part of your face or body you want to be treated. Eight sessions are usually sufficient to achieve the desired results.

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No Unwanted Hair…Anywhere!

Whether it’s facial hair removal for women or full body hair removal Electrolysis Center has you covered. If you are looking for a long-lasting, professional solution to unwanted hair, laser treatments and electrolysis for women are two of the best ways to achieve the results you want. By combining these two treatments, you can achieve incredible results. Why struggle with women’s hair removal when skin that stays smooth forever is just a few sessions away? At Electrolysis Center in Universal City, TX, we can make every unwanted hair a thing of the past.

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There is no safer or more efficient business to have electrolysis and hair removal performed by than Electrolysis Center Laser Hair Removal.

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